School IPM Working Group



School IPM contacts, along with representatives from the Southern Region IPM Center, EPA and IR-4 comprise the School IPM Working Group. The group had its first formal meeting May 23-24, 2007 in Atlanta.

The goal of the working group is to discuss ways to bring about wider adoption of School IPM. For more information about the first meeting and the purpose of the group, read our history page.

Objectives begun at the initial meeting are:

  1. Assess state IPM implementation and training
  2. Discuss what the Southern Region IPM Center can do to help school IPM move forward
  3. Develop a list of priorities for the Southern Region school IPM working group

The links below will provide more details about the group.

2015 School IPM Workgroup Project Quantifying the financial costs and benefits of school IPM:

This workgroup project is to develop a uniform metric to be used by IPM change agents to collect data on schools to determine some of the costs and benefits in having an IPM program.  Goals of this project include:

  1. Facilitate, organize, and plan a face-to-face meeting to develop cost based metrics for school (urban) IPM settings, especially as they result to pest control practices, IPM tactics, and benefits of IPM program

  2. Using metrics established above, convene web based conference to review metrics with project collaborators, train participants on data collection for complete accuracy

  3. Data collection, analysis and publishing: Each participating state while working with schools in 2015 will use metrics developed to collect information, send to PD to work with Economist and Evaluation Specialists for final analysis. Data analysis will be determined by evaluation team, but all results will be given to PD and SIPM Center for final dissemination. Information will be used to offer further evidence of IPM adoption keeps schools clean and safe for all children and staff.  

Documents created from Face to Face meeting:

IPM Cost Survey

IPM Continuum Survey

Checklist for Quantifying the Costs and Benefits of School IPM (Word)

Presentations from the National Conference on Urban Entomology 2014

Working Group History


2012 Priorities


IPM and Green Schools Workshop 2008

National School IPM 2015 Steering Committee



Letter regarding School IPM PMSP

Specific Comments about PMSP Sections

Specific Comments about Chapter 8